The vision of Alpha Junior School was born on that fateful day when Mrs. Shirley Brathwaite, founder of
the school pointed to a plantation boiling house located in Mt. Parnassus, St. George’s Grenada and
declared to her two daughters that it would one day be her school. Through determination, hardwork
and an unyielding drive Shirley Brathwaite was able to fulfill her dream and that boiling house was
transformed into Alpha Junior School which opened its doors to just over 70 students in September,

Mrs. Brathwaite’s passion for education led her to ensure that the school grew from strength to
strength, and over the years the name Alpha Junior School became synonymous with quality education.
Mrs. Brathwaite relied heavily on the “maroon” concept which drew on the support and unified input of
her family, teachers, parents and friends to further expand the school to include an upper school and an
extension to the infant department.
Mrs. Brathwaite was able to build a team of excellent and dedicated teachers, some with over 20 years
of unbroken service at the school and who have dedicated their teaching careers to moulding the young
minds at Alpha. Over the years Alpha Junior School became a leader not only in academics where the
school has consistently been amongst the top in the nation for the Common Entrance Exam, but also in
the areas of athletics, swimming, arts festivals and science fairs. Alpha Junior School graduates have
consistently excelled at the Secondary School levels and many are now leading professionals within the

After Mrs. Brathwaite’s passing in 2005, the torch was passed on to her two daughters to ensure that
Alpha Junior School continued to provide the highest standards of education for the young minds of
Grenada. Over the past four years her daughters, husband and brothers have support the school and
have sought to put the necessary structures in place to ensure that the standards set by her are
maintained and her vision for the school fulfilled.
It is said that “teachers affect eternity; they can never tell where their influence stops”. So it is with
Alpha Junior School – so many lives have been touched and many influenced for good. We will forever
give thanks!